Dr Dan Counihan BDS FDS FFD MOrth
Self-published, 2014 | Hardback; 414pp | Available from www.orthodonticsfortheface.com.

This is some book and a must read for all dental students, aspiring orthodontists, specialist orthodontists, and oral/maxillofacial surgeons like myself. It is an extraordinary, well-illustrated book, showing cases from the more simple to the very complicated, highlighting the problems faced and, importantly, reflecting many years of training and experience, with tips on how to get yourself ‘out of jail’.
Dr Counihan’s approach is simple, rational and presented as a story about his patients, about whom he is obviously very caring and dedicated. He highlights the importance of the whole face, the patient, the occlusion and oral healthcare. This is a book based on personal opinion and, although well referenced, on his preferences and attitudes. It shows the importance of working with your technician and having good communications. I commend his attempts to maintain teeth, provide orthodontics on a non-extraction basis and, importantly, deal with the problems of retention, missing canines and the dental/orthodontically controversial congenitally absent lateral incisor.
My only criticisms are minor. There is no real discussion about the asymmetric case, which is a big problem in our Irish population. There is no real discussion about orthognathic/orthodontic cases and the importance of working together. I agree with the orthodontist deciding the final bite in conjunction with the surgeon, but the final decision on actual moves (splints) is a joint decision/collaboration between the orthodontist and the surgeon. I commend this book and congratulations to Dan on a lifetime’s collection of patients, his meticulous records and his obvious dedication to continuous learning and peer review. I wish that I had had the opportunity to work more closely with him.

Prof. Leo Stassen, Professor/Chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
National Maxillofacial Unit, St James’s Hospital.