June/July 2014 Archive

The role of post-operative prophylactic antibiotics in the treatment of facial fractures: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot clinical study. Part 3: Le Fort and zygomatic fractures in 94 patients

Soong, P.L., Schaller, B., Zix, J., Iizuka, T., Mottini, M., Lieger, O. The aim of this study was to evaluate the difference between the effect of a five-day and a one-day postoperative course of antibiotics on the incidence of infection after midfacial fractures. A total of 98 patients with displaced Le Fort

The effect of flapless surgery on implant survival and marginal bone level: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lin, G.H., Chan, H.L., Bashutski, J.D., Oh, T.J., Wang, H.L. Background: The clinical outcomes of implants placed using the flapless approach have not yet been systematically investigated. Hence, the present systematic review and meta-analysis aims to study the effect of the flapless technique on implant survival rates (SRs) and marginal bone

Status of ten self-etch adhesives for bonding to dentin of primary teeth

Krämer, N., Tilch, D., Lücker, S., Frankenberger, R. Objective: Aim of this in vitro study was to compare self-etch adhesives regarding microtensile bond strength (μ-TBS) to dentin of primary teeth. Methods: Fifty freshly extracted primary molars were ground to expose caries-free dentin. Specimens were bonded with ten self-etch adhesives (iBond

Osteonecrosis associated with dental implants in patients undergoing bisphosphonate treatment

Kwon, T.G., Lee, C.O., Park, J.W., Choi, S.Y., Rijal, G., Shin, H.I. Objectives: Bisphosphonate-related jaw necrosis (BRONJ) associated with dental implants is a rare but continuously reported complication. To verify clinical and pathological characteristics of BRONJ around dental implants, the present study analysed clinical, radiographic and histopathological findings of these lesions. Patients

Oral health behaviours amongst homeless people attending rehabilitation services in Ireland

Research on oral health and dentist uptake amongst addicts remains scant. Findings can be used to inform private and general practice.

New oral anticoagulants and their implications for dental patients

Anticoagulation therapy is used in several conditions to prevent or treat thromboembolism. Over the last 40 years, warfarin has been the oral anticoagulant of choice and has been considered the mainstay of treatment.

Searching for the tooth

One of the world’s leading forensic dentists, Professor David Whittaker, was in Kilkenny for the Association’s Annual Conference. He spoke to PAUL O’GRADY about his work, and especially about his long-established interest in identifying Hitler’s remains.

CPD central

RÓISÍN TREACY and PAUL O’GRADY report from the Association’s Annual Conference in Kilkenny in May where dentists had the chance to experience a wide range of CPD. Dr Nick Armstrong got the jam-packed team programme underway on Friday morning with his presentation on infection control and washer

Special learning broadcast

Meanwhile, Colgate invites dentists to view a special learning broadcast delivered by Professor David Bartlett – Head of Prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute. In this broadcast, you have the opportunity to learn how you can further help your patients with dentine hypersensitivity. Simply view, give

Take the Instant Relief Challenge

Dental professionals attending the Dentistry Show in the UK joined over 51,000 participants who have already completed the Instant Relief Challenge using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste. Members of the dental team who suffer from dentine hypersensitivity had the opportunity to take part in the Instant Relief Challenge,