June/July 2015 Archive

A randomised clinical trial on the use of intermediate bonding on the retention of fissure sealants in childre

To assess whether an adhesive bonding agent increases the retention of resin fissure sealants on first permanent molars (FPMs) and to determine any difference in sealant retention on occlusal, buccal or palatal surfaces.

Income protection payments

For the fifth year running, Omega Financial Management has announced a 100% payment record on claims made under its Day 1 income protection product from DG Mutual for 2014.

Public service pay talks update

Talks have commenced between the Government and public service unions on unwinding the severe pay cuts imposed following the collapse of the public finances in 2009.

Diagnostic accuracy of conventional and digital radiography for detecting misfit between the tooth and restoration in metal-restored teeth

Liedke, G.S., Spin-Neto, R., Boessio Vizzotto, M., Da Silveira, P.F., Dias Silveira, H.E., Wenzel, A. Statement of problem: Although the postprocessing of digital images with enhancement filters could lead to the presence of artifacts and result in false positive diagnoses, no study has analysed whether the use

The effect of lifetime fluoridation exposure on dental caries experience of younger rural adults

The aim of this study was to confirm whether the level of lifetime fluoridation exposure is associated with lower dental caries experience in younger adults (15-46 years).

Periodontal plastic surgery

The aim of the present article is to summarise current knowledge in terms of the aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and surgical treatment of gingival recession.

Ebola virus disease: review and implications for dentistry in Ireland

The current Ebola virus outbreak has attracted worldwide attention.

A frontal swelling with a cautionary tale

A case report highlighting the importance of a careful working diagnosis and management of patients presenting with neurological symptoms with an associated frontal swelling.

Barristers demonstrate regulatory zeal

The Professional, Regulatory and Disciplinary Bar Association of Ireland (PRDBA) held its first annual conference recently at the Distillery Building in Dublin 7.

World Dental Hygienist Awards

The World Dental Hygienist Awards, sponsored by the Sunstar Foundation, recognise dental hygienists who have made significant contributions to the dental and dental hygiene communities, their profession, or to the general public.