The Irish Dental Association (IDA) monitors discussions in the Dáil and sends regular updates to members to let them know what the decision makers are saying in relation to dentistry. Below are some examples of recent dental-related discussions.

Chief Dental Officer
On May 28, Deputy Andrew Doyle asked the Minister for Health if the position of Chief Dental Officer has been filled, if the position was publicly advertised, and the remit and salary of the role.

The Minister replied that The Department of Health has been unable to fill the post of Chief Dental Officer on a full-time basis due to the moratorium on recruitment. Accordingly, it was agreed with the HSE that the HSE National Oral Health Lead would be released to the Department for two days each week to undertake the functions of Chief Dental Officer. The arrangement will be reviewed after three years.

New dental legislation
On July 3, Deputy Andrew Doyle asked the Minister for Health if he would provide an update on the forthcoming review of the Dental Act 1985, and if consultations have been held with relevant stakeholders.

Minister Reilly replied that a public consultation on new legislation to replace the Act was due to conclude on July 26, 2013. Members of the public and interested stakeholders were invited to submit views, interests and concerns relating to the development of the new legislation, and the outcome of the consultation will inform the drafting of Heads of Bill, as well as informing the completion of a regulatory impact analysis, which will be carried out by the Department.