In recent years, the advances in adhesive dentistry have been tremendous. With Futurabond U, Voco claims the market’s only true universal adhesive in a disposable applicator. Futurabond U offers practitioners a range of options for application, as much with regard to indications as to selection of the etching technique or the curing mode.

According to the company, it allows practitioners to freely select how they wish to condition the dental hard tissue, depending on the individual clinical situation and their preferred way of working. The company also makes the following calims for Futurabond U.

Fig 1 Futurabond U_Self-etch

FIGURE 1: Self-etch.

Secure adhesion

Applied in a single layer, this new universal adhesive creates a strong bond to enamel and dentine, thus ensuring a durable, gap-free bond between the dental hard tissue and the restorative material. At the same time, it offers firm adhesion to different materials such as metal, zirconium/aluminium oxide, and silicate ceramics without any additional primer. An outstanding bond strength is also guaranteed in cases of chemical curing, thus making Futurabond U ideal for luting posts within the root canal.

Versatile application

It is also fully compatible with all light-curing, dual-curing, and self-curing methacrylate-based composites and is suitable for both direct and indirect restorations – and without any additional activator for dual-curing.

FIGURE 2: Selective-etch.

FIGURE 2: Selective-etch.

Futurabond U can furthermore be used for desensitising hypersensitive tooth necks and after cavity preparation, and it is suitable as a protective varnish for glass ionomer cement restorations.

SingleDose – simple and hygienic

The patented SingleDose guarantees fast, simple working as mixing errors are ruled out from the start, and the product is very hygienic.

“Simply press, simply bond” – the SingleDose blister enables practitioners to apply the adhesive very easily in only 35 seconds working time in total.

Fig 3 Futurabond U_Total-etch

FIGURE 3: Total-etch.

One step application – secure adhesion

The innovative formulation of Futurabond U, together with the highly functionalised SiO2 particles, ensures outstanding film-forming properties of the adhesive. The adhesive can thus optimally wet the exposed collagen fibres and the micro-retentive etching pattern on the enamel. During polymerisation, the resin tags reaching into the dentinal tubules harden and strengthen the retentive bond of the collagen fibre-bonding hybrid layer. The reliable formation of these tags in the dentine is the best protection against postoperative sensitivities.