This edition of the Journal contains news about great dentists, vital information on teeth whitening, a history of Cork University Dental School and Hospital, and a superb peer-reviewed paper on implants, writes PROFESSOR LEO F.A. STASSEN, Honorary Editor.

Let’s start with the good. And it is very good indeed. The increase in entries to over 1,000 patients praising their dentists for their treatment is a very welcome expansion of the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year Awards. Staged for the fourth time in 2012, and with the winners announced at the RDS in Dublin in January, the Awards have provided a channel for the public to praise their dentists. And what a channel it has proved to be: the conviction with which patients write of their treatment, and the affection and respect which they evidently hold for their dentists, is a warm and refreshing change from much of the normal opinions offered anecdotally about dentists and dentistry.
The heartfelt thanks – and relief – felt by Mary Dhondt when she managed to have her autistic son successfully treated by Dr Gillian Smith and practice nurse Sharon Hogan were expressed beautifully in her winning entry. She wrote of the patience, care and professionalism of Dr Smith and nurse Hogan, and of the confidence that her son Neal developed in attending for dental treatment, and it impressed the judges enormously. All of the highly commended dentists are also worthy of acclaim in public and with their peers. You can read the report of the Awards in this edition of the Journal.

If that is a high point and it is, the low point is the continuing operation of businesses offering teeth whitening that are, at best, not declaring the contents of their teeth-whitening products. There is an excellent article on the new legislation and all it entails in this edition by Dr Julia Densem of Dental Protection (pp46-47). Dr Tom Feeney addressed the recent Association Annual Practice Management Seminar on the same subject (pp26-28 – for IDA members only). He reported that there seemed to be some businesses offering teeth whitening that were not dentists, and he wondered what they were offering. The Journal followed this up through our journalist, Ann-Marie Hardiman, who contacted four businesses offering teeth whitening (p13). Of those, only one was prepared to say that dentists applied the first treatment and that their product contained the legal dose of hydrogen peroxide. The other three gave evasive answers such as “it is natural” or “it is non peroxide”. This is a development that we hope the authorities will police very carefully.

Cork’s centenary
Cork University Dental School and Hospital marks its centenary on March 2 next with a major conference on the theme ‘100 years of dental evolution’. We send our congratulations to Dean of the School, Professor Finbarr Allen, and all of the team and students in Cork. Our thanks too to Dr John Borgonovo and Professor Denis O’Mullane who have provided us with a superb article on the history of the school and hospital (pp16-22). The Journal is recording the centenary in two ways: with the article on the history in this edition; and, with the conference papers in our next edition. We understand that there is also an alumni dinner on March, 1 which is sure to be a great occasion.

The science underpinning implantology is very well articulated in our peer-reviewed paper in this edition. Dr Abdulhadi Warreth and his colleagues from Dublin Dental University Hospital have done an excellent job in presenting and reviewing a treatment option with a high success rate.

Pressures of space
Apart from all the other high quality material in this edition of the Journal, I feel obliged to report to you (and to our many authors) that we are suffering from a huge pressure on space in the Journal. It is a factor of the success of the Journal and of the high regard in which it is held by Irish and international dental authors, that we are holding peer-reviewed papers for some time. The Editorial Board is exploring innovative ways of meeting the demand for publication.

Leo July 2005





Prof. Leo F. A. Stassen
Honorary Editor