According to Doyle Mahon Insurances, in these challenging times it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your business have the right cover in place.

Aidan Mahon says: “Many practices are paying too much for cover simply because they are over insured. Others are paying too much for the wrong type of cover, often because they continually renew the policy they have always had. Consequently, many practices are often paying far too much for their insurance for inadequate cover, the true cost of which may only come to light in the event of a claim. We recommend that practices review the sums insured to ensure that they accurately reflect the true cost of reinstatement on a like-for-like basis. Our practice schemes recently won out in a blind price comparison for the Make Me Richer section of the Irish Independent with Nick Webb. This tailored practice insurance policy with Aviva will cater for all dental practices at the most competitive rates without  compromising on the level of cover. Feedback from customers shows average savings to be made of 30%, with up to 50% savings in some cases”.