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Complaints system handles 130 complaints in 2013

The IDA Dental Complaints Resolution Service handled 130 complaints in 2013, according to Michael Kilcoyne, mediator with the Service. Michael received over 1,230 emails and letters, and just over 260 phone calls last year. Ultimately, this resulted in 130 complaints being submitted, of which 28 cases have

Dental Complaints Resolution Service issues first annual report

The Dental Complaints Resolution Service has issued its first annual report, in which it gives details of the 115 complaints it has handled so far. Most complaints concerned the standard of work, after-care service, cost, the attitude of the dentist, access to records, and delays in treatment.

Communication breakdown

ANN-MARIE HARDIMAN spoke to Michael Kilcoyne, mediator of the Dental Complaints Resolution Service, about his interactions with patients and dentists, and what issues are emerging.