Available from Coltene

Coltene manufactures a range of tools and consumables in the world of endodontics. For example, the company highlights its HyFlex EDM files, which it states give safe and efficient preparations, with up to 700% higher fracture resistance than other systems. Also available is a combined free-flow gutta-percha with sealer, ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal, which according to the company actively supports the regeneration of tissue.
Coltene also speaks about its products in the restorative area, such as BRILLIANT Crios reinforced composite bloc, which, according to the company, enables the in-house CAD/CAM manufacture of restorations with exceptional mechanical properties. Also available is BRILLIANT EverGlow submicron hybrid composite, which Coltene states is for highly aesthetic and long-lasting solutions.
The company is also keen to highlight its work in automated infection control. Coltene believes its STATIM 6000B G4+ vacuum autoclave has improved automation, for optimised usability and maximised infection control. The company goes on to state that its smart features include:

  • programmable to schedule test cycles and preheat the chamber so it’s ready to go when you open;
  • enhanced documentation mode for detailed record keeping; and,
  • maintenance reminders, video tutorials and troubleshooting tips.