Brilliant Coltene

From Coltene comes Brilliant Crios reinforced composite bloc. The company states that it is suitable for broad daily use, has excellent mechanical properties and aesthetics with two translucencies, and 13 shades are available. According to Coltene, Crios is particularly suitable for bruxism patients and for implant-supported crowns, because of its shock-absorbing features.
Also available from Coltene is Brilliant EverGlow, which is a submicron hybrid universal composite. According to the company, it offers sculptability, a smooth consistency, polishability and a versatile shade system.
Coltene states that its Affinis impression materials offer different washes, putties, working and setting times, and consistencies to suit any situation. According to the company, Affinis materials are not only great to work with, but they will also be well tolerated by your patients and your laboratory, enabling successful teamwork.
Coltene states that Affinis Precious has superior flow properties and comes in gold and silver colours, reducing the light-scattering effect, to capture all surface detail.