Coltene tool for endo retreatments

If you’re looking for a product for safe, efficient and good value endodontic retreatments, Coltene believes its Hyflex Remover is an essential piece of the puzzle. According to the company, Hyflex Remover can be used to clear away gutta-percha mechanically, with no solvent required. This is often a tricky part of the process, and Coltene states that the file will do the job while respecting anatomy with its non-cutting tip. Coltene states that it has designed the wire to be very thin, for the kind of non-invasive, conservative endodontics dentists want to deliver.
Also available from Coltene are MicroMega K-files. One dentist, Dr Ammar Al Hourani (pictured above), says: “For the last four years, I’ve been using both the K and H handfiles by MicroMega, and they have become my go-to K-Files. I have been very impressed by the file manufacturing design, cutting efficacy and stiffness of the file, which makes them my file of choice”.
For those who are hoping to make a good impression, Coltene states that its Affinis impression material helps to facilitate efficient teamwork between the dental practice and the lab. According to Coltene, the material does this because it has exceptional flow properties, optimal working time and excellent readability, which reduces the risk of errors, and therefore saves time and money on readjustments and remakes.