Coltene’s collection



Coltene has a range of products available on the Irish market for dentists. The company states that its Affinis impression material is suitable for your laboratory-fabricated impressions and that it offers the ideal basis for teamwork between dentists and dental technicians. According to Coltene, the secret lies in the unique colour combinations. Coltene states that Affinis heavy body Black Edition provides excellent readability when used with gold- or silver-coloured Affinis Precious. The company believes that when you send detailed impressions to your laboratory, you will elevate the quality of the restoration and patient satisfaction.
There is also Coltene’s Brilliant EverGlow. The company states that successful shade matching is key to a good final result and patient acceptance, and that for the ultimate natural-looking restoration, dentists should also use materials that have optimised their translucent properties. The company notes that one clinician said EverGlow “exhibits superb shade matching … the shades, opacities and translucencies mean layering and replication of the variances of enamel and dentine character can be achieved with ease”.
Also from Coltene is Brilliant Crios reinforced composite bloc. There are a number of shades available in both high and low translucency, all of which blend well, according to Coltene.
Another product available from the manufacturer is the Brilliant Componeer, which it states is the solution to providing the convenience of single-visit restorative treatments and an end result that is stable, beautiful and good value. The product uses the same sub-micron filler technology as EverGlow, which the company believes is the latest innovation for dentists who want to deliver stunning, functional restorations chairside.