Coltene’s team effort

Coltene states that two of its products work better together than on their own. According to the company, SoloCem with One Coat 7 Universal is a good option for when maximum bonding strength is required. Alongside reliable adhesion, Coltene states that other benefits include easy handling and less stock to order.
Another product that the company believes is a strong offering is the composite Brilliant Crios. The company states that it is an excellent shock absorber. Another advantage from Coltene’s perspective is its mechanical properties, which the company states are excellent, making it suitable for bruxism patients and implant-supported crowns, as well as a wide range of other everyday indications such as inlays, onlays and veneers. Coltene also states that this reinforced composite for CAD/CAM fabrication is an adaptable material that is available in two sizes, 15 shades and three translucencies.