Composites from Coltene

Dentists are reporting more cases of stress-related bruxism. According to Coltene, for conservative, efficient and upgraded restorative treatment, select composite materials from its range.

The company’s selection includes Brilliant EverGlow, which it states is a universal submicron hybrid composite that is easy to handle and offers enduring gloss for both single and multi-shade layered restorations.
Coltene also supplies Brilliant Componeer, which it states comprises prefabricated, easy-to-process, thin enamel shells that can be used for restoring anterior teeth chairside.
The company also provides impression materials and Jon Portner of Portner Pittack Dental Practice in London uses them and states: “For accurate crown and bridge work, Affinis and President offer choices – different washes, working and setting times and consistencies. Different colours too, which I am able to mix and match. Affinis Precious materials, in gold and silver, have a variable working time, for example. The materials are predictable and easy to handle, and my dental nurse Jadeen loves working with them too!”