Dr Jane Renehan to chair radiation task force

Radiation protection

Dr Jane Renehan has been appointed to chair a key Task Force on Radiation Protection within the Council of European Dentists (CED). This appointment represents a great honour and recognition of Jane’s commitment and expertise as a member of the IDA delegation at the CED. The Task Force will be responsible for a range of issues and specific tasks, including:

  1. Advocating for appropriate and proportionate education and training for dentists.
  2. Advocating for science-based requirements based on the EURATOM Directive related to equipment.
  3. Consultation and collaboration with other bodies and stakeholders active in this area, for instance DG ENERGY, EURAMED (European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research), IAEA, etc.
  4. Monitoring and possible participation in activities under the SAMIRA Action Plan.

The IDA is delighted that Jane has agreed to accept this role as radiation protection has for many years been an area of particular interest and there will be a direct benefit to the IDA membership from her involvement in this Task Force. Currently, the Dental Council, HIQA and the Department of Health are reviewing the profession’s requirement around undergraduate and postgraduate training/CPD in radiation protection and medical ionising radiation.
In accepting this invitation from CED President Dr Marco Landi, Jane will step down from her role as Chair of the CED Working Group on Dental Materials & Medical Devices, although she will remain as a member of this Working Group.