Henry Schein enlarges endo portfolio

Henry Schein Ireland has launched the new EdgeFile X7 from EdgeEndo, one of the world’s largest NiTi rotary file suppliers. According to the company, EdgeEndo’s patented FireWire heat-treating process gives the EdgeFile X7 canal contouring technology, which makes the files flexible and reduces shape memory and bounce back. The company states that the flexible EdgeFile X7 closely follows the anatomy of the canal without straightening out, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation, and perforation. According to Henry Schein, the flexible shaft reduces the need for excessive straight-line access, allowing more tooth structure to be preserved.
The product is offered in 4% and 6% tapers in 21mm, 25mm and 29mm lengths. Among the products in the EdgeEndo line are NiTi files, carrier-based obturators, and paper points. The company states that the files and obturators are excellent alternatives to the current products on the market, and can be used with most existing endodontic motors and obturator ovens in the practice. The EdgeEndo systems EdgeTaper, EdgeTaper Platinum, EdgeGlidePath, EdgeOne Fire, EdgeOne Fire GlidePath and the new EdgeFile X7 are all available exclusively through Henry Schein in the Republic of Ireland and can all be ordered in sterile packaging.