IDA awards Honorary Life Memberships

Drs John O’Keefe and Seán Ó Seachnasaí were this year’s recipients of Honorary Life Membership of the Irish Dental Association (IDA). The awards were presented virtually at the IDA AGM in May.

Clodagh Sean

IDA President Dr Clodagh McAllister with Honorary Life Membership recipient Dr Seán Ó Seachnasaí.

Dr John O'Keefe

Fellow recipient Dr John O’Keefe.

Dr Kieran O’Connor, in his citation, spoke of Dr John O’Keefe’s contribution to dentistry: “John has been a researcher and lecturer at the University of Toronto and McGill University, and has authored hundreds of published papers and editorials. He has worked for the Canadian Dental Association since 1997, serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, and as Director of Knowledge Networks since 2011. John has a huge involvement in professional dental organisations and has been awarded numerous awards and fellowships, including the Canadian Dental Association Distinguished Service Award in 2017. But John’s political and representative roles started in Ireland where he served as a member of IDA Council, Executive Committee, and as President of The Health Board Surgeons group.
“John has been a driving force in forging the growing friendship, co-operation and trans-Atlantic alliance between the profession here and in Canada. Above all John, you are a most extraordinary communicator, educator and ambassador for our profession and our country”.
Presenting the award for Dr Seán Ó Seachnasaí, outgoing IDA President Dr Anne O’Neill said: “Membership of the Roll of Honour of the Irish Dental Association recognises members of the organisation who deserve recognition for the work they have undertaken on behalf of the Association. Today we honour Dr Seán Ó Seachnasaí, who has been a long-time member of the Association and a long-time supporter of the GP Group.
“Seán was nominated and accepted the position of President Elect of the Association in 2018. However, in early 2019 he advised the Management Committee that he would be unable to fulfil his term in office, and he did not enjoy reaching the position of President, in which I know he would have been proud to serve.
“While there are many compliments one may pay a dentist, the one that I think sums up Seán is that he goes that extra mile for his patients to make sure that they get the best possible care. This won him the Colgate Caring Dentist of the