August/September 2015 Archive

Dental nurses pursuing excellence

The Irish Dental Nurses Association (IDNA) is a voluntary organisation that aims to promote, educate and develop dental nurses in Ireland.

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor, We wish to express our condemnation of the Irish Government’s failure to honour the agreement which it had with the women who were resident in Magdalen laundries and similar institutions. In correspondence received from the PCRS dated June 29, 2015, dentists who operate the DTSS

Good governance

While we can all be justly proud about the fact that the Association boasts a record level of membership and our finances are in a reasonably healthy state, there can never be any room for complacency.

Pain, peace and practitioner health

This Journal provides evidence of patients’ pain, interviews a dentist who helped the peace process, reminds us to mind our own health, and previews Identex 2015. A study of the pattern and severity of odontogenic infections in patients presenting to an acute general hospital by Dr Conor

Does access to general dental treatment affect the number and complexity of patients presenting to the acute hospital service with severe dentofacial infections?

This is a retrospective study to review the treatment and management of patients presenting with odontogenic infections in a large urban teaching hospital over a four-year period, comparing the number and complexity of odontogenic infections presenting to an acute general hospital in two periods.

Tips to avoid instrument separation in endodontics

In the practice of endodontics, clinicians may encounter a variety of unwanted procedural accidents and obstacles to normally routine therapy, at almost any stage of treatment.

An instrument of two parts

Broken instruments and other common problems in endodontics should be dealt with in a caring, supportive and professional manner.