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Articulating our views

The Chief Scientific Adviser, the Supreme Court, the Annual Conference and terrific clinical and scientific papers feature in this edition.

Our future in good hands

There is good reason to be confident about the future of dentistry. It is hard not to feel an element of pride when reading of the current state of, and developments in, dental education as described by Professors Kinirons and O’Connell in this special edition of the

Life savers, clinicians, counsellors

There was a wide range of dental skills being feted at this year’s Sensodyne Awards.

Hard truths, orthodontics, science and more

We should listen to what Dr Frances O’Callaghan and other contributors have to say in this edition of the Journal.

Pain, peace and practitioner health

This Journal provides evidence of patients’ pain, interviews a dentist who helped the peace process, reminds us to mind our own health, and previews Identex 2015. A study of the pattern and severity of odontogenic infections in patients presenting to an acute general hospital by Dr Conor

Building on solid ground

Two new codes of practice from the Dental Council and an interview with an international leader in our profession are among the highlights of this edition.

Face the change

Change is a theme in many of the articles in this edition of the Journal.

Gritting (or should that be baring?) our teeth

There was much frustration and anger directed by members of the profession at the Chief Dental Officer at the recent meeting in Croke Park.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir, It is important to reiterate the context in which my observations were made in my interview with the Journal. They related to the special responsibility of all professional service providers – financial, legal, health, etc. – who have superior knowledge to their clients/patients. This can

A public scandal

Professor Leo Stassen contrasts the recommendations of the first report of the National Oral Health Forum with the publication of the HSE budget for 2015.