February/March 2015 Archive

This year’s Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist Awards to be held in the RDS

Sensodyne and the Journal of the Irish Dental Association are, once again and together with the Irish Dental Association, organising the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year Awards.

The direct cytotoxic effects of medicaments used in endodontic regeneration on human dental pulp cells

The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effects of intracanal medicaments commonly used in endodontic regeneration on the survival of human dental pulp cells (DPCs).

Localised aggressive periodontitis treatment response in primary and permanent dentitions

he comparative treatment response of children and young adults with localised aggressive periodontitis treatment (LAgP) affecting primary and permanent dentition is unknown.

Effect of repeated screw joint closing and opening cycles on implant prosthetic screw reverse torque and implant and screw thread morphology

Clinicians must know if a new screw can predictably increase reverse torque after multiple screw insertion cycles.

A randomised clinical trial investigating the performance of two commercially available posterior paediatric pre-veneered stainless steel crowns: a continuation study

This study aimed to compare the clinical and radiographic success of pre-veneered posterior NuSmile® and Kinder Krowns® over one year, and to assess the level of parental satisfaction with their aesthetics.

Dentists’ requirements for continuing professional development in Ireland. A pilot study conducted at University College Cork

This research was a pilot study of the ways in which the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of dentists could be provided.

Adverse reactions to facial dermal fillers: a case report

The aim of this paper is to describe a case of an adverse reaction following the injection of facial dermal filler in the context of current legislation and research, and introduce fillers as a possibility in the differential diagnosis of a lower lip swelling.

The occurrence of paraesthesia of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve after dental local anaesthetic use: a case report

The patient, a 38-year-old Caucasian female, was referred for a maxillofacial opinion regarding persistent numbness present in her upper left lip from the midline to the commissure, together with numbness of the gingiva in the upper left anterior region of the maxilla.

Management of an anxious child in the dental setting – a step-by-step approach

One of the most challenging situations for all dentists is the arrival of an anxious child into the waiting room.

Big Bad Ben

Ahead of his talk at this year's Annual Conference in Cork BEN GOLDACRE shares his views on epidemiological research, the power of the internet, public engagement with science, and – Ireland’s own particular problem with bad science – fluoride.