Interview Archive

Science of the times

Professor Mark Ferguson, is the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government. He has pushed for a strong focus on the impact of research and believes this is a fantastic time to be a scientist.

Public defender

As she begins her second term as President of the IDA's HSE Dental Surgeons Group, Dr Frances O'Callaghan discusses ongoing industrial relations issues, cutbacks to the Public Dental Service, and the results of a recent survey of HSE members.

A man for all seasons

Dr Martin McAleese is a dentist, a former accountant and Senator, husband of former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, and has been a significant player in the peace process on this island.

From haute couture to the FDI

DR MICHÈLE AERDEN, the first female President of the FDI, recently visited Dublin to address the WiDEN group, and spoke to Ann-Marie Hardiman about her career, her views on women in dentistry and her work in developing countries.

Coming home

The ruling body of the International College of Dentists is meeting in Dublin in October, and the College’s international President, Dr Joe Kenneally, has a strong Irish connection.

Big Bad Ben

Ahead of his talk at this year's Annual Conference in Cork BEN GOLDACRE shares his views on epidemiological research, the power of the internet, public engagement with science, and – Ireland’s own particular problem with bad science – fluoride.

Implants in Ireland

Thirty years ago, the first osseointegrated dental implant was placed in a patient in Ireland by Professor David Harris. PAUL O’GRADY asked him about the history of implants in Ireland.

Swapping scrums for scrubs

Former Irish rugby player and current Southern Trust dentist Dr Paddy Johns spoke to our reporter RÓISÍN TREACY about rugby, dentistry, and his work for Plan Ireland.

Searching for the tooth

One of the world’s leading forensic dentists, Professor David Whittaker, was in Kilkenny for the Association’s Annual Conference. He spoke to PAUL O’GRADY about his work, and especially about his long-established interest in identifying Hitler’s remains.

Policy planner

Dr Dympna Kavanagh is both the Chief Dental Officer and the Oral Health Lead for the Health Service Executive. They are the most important posts in dentistry in Ireland. She spoke to PAUL O’GRADY for the Journal.