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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor, We wish to express our condemnation of the Irish Government’s failure to honour the agreement which it had with the women who were resident in Magdalen laundries and similar institutions. In correspondence received from the PCRS dated June 29, 2015, dentists who operate the DTSS

Lengthy peer review times: What can be done?

Dear Sir, The peer review process holds the most important place, when it comes to publication of a manuscript, and is directed towards facilitating the journal editor in making a decision. Publishing research results in a high impact journal is every investigator’s goal. Unfortunately, the time period

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir, It is important to reiterate the context in which my observations were made in my interview with the Journal. They related to the special responsibility of all professional service providers – financial, legal, health, etc. – who have superior knowledge to their clients/patients. This can

Letter to the Editor: Ethics and Dentistry

Dear Editor, I would like to comment on two articles from the Journal of the Irish Dental Association of August/September 2014 (Volume 60 (4)). The first was ‘Ethics and dentistry’ (practice management) – an interview with Dr Eleanor O’Higgins, and the second was ‘Handling a complaint after

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, The book which I recently read should be of interest to all the dental team. It’s called To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris and is on the Man Booker long list this year. There are plenty of examples of dentists in

Mouth, head and neck cancer awareness campaign in Ireland

Dear Sir, A campaign to promote awareness of mouth, head and neck cancer in Ireland began in 2010. This campaign was initiated primarily by a group of cancer survivors, the Irish Dental Health Foundation, Irish Cancer Society and the university dental schools in Cork and Dublin. The

Letter to the Editor: Mouth Cancer Awareness Ireland

Dear Sir, Representatives of Mouth Cancer Awareness Ireland attended the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) Conference on Saturday, May 10 in Cavan. The representatives had an information stand which was very kindly sponsored by the IPU. The purpose of attending the IPU Conference was primarily to heighten awareness

Letter to the Editor: Remembering Gerry Collins

Dear Sir, Gerry Collins died on March 2, 2014.  He left a legacy of achievement in many areas of his life – most recently in the area of increasing awareness about cancer in Ireland. Gerry was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. Following his recovery from this

Audit of the Health Service Executive

Dear Sir, I refer to the article in the October/November 2013 edition of your journal (252: Volume 59 (5)): Audit of the Health Service Executive orthodontic referral pathway between 2009 and 2011 in the Dublin Mid-Leinster Region (Wolstencroft, S., Khosa, A.D.). I would like to clarify that

Letter to the Editor: Quiz query

Dear Editor, I’d like to preface my following comments by congratulating Dr Ciara Scott on providing a crucially appropriate and stimulating case study question in the JIDA Vol. 58 Number 4, August/September 2012, relating specifically to the appropriate treatment timing to rectify that most debilitating, disfiguring yet