October/November 2013 Archive

Effects of quaternary ammonium chain length on antibacterial bonding agents

Li, F., Weir, M.D., Xu, H.H.K. The objectives of this study were to synthesise new quaternary ammonium methacrylates (QAMs) with systematically varied alkyl chain lengths (CL), and to investigate, for the first time, the CL effects on antibacterial efficacy, cytotoxicity, and dentin bond strength of bonding agents.

Can the intra-examiner variability of Little’s Irregularity Index be improved using 3D digital models of study casts?

Dowling, A.H., Burns, A., Macauley, D., Garvey, T.M., Fleming, G.J. Objectives: To compare contact point displacement measurements used to determine the Little’s Irregularity Index (LII) score on study casts and digital models of study casts by an independent examiner. Methods: The contact point displacement measurements of the

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth with major hard tissue loss – bond strength of conventionally and adhesively luted fiber-reinforced composite posts

Binus, S., Koch, A., Petschelt, A., Berthold, C. Aim To evaluate the influence of the luting system on the pull-out bond strength of conventionally and adhesively luted fiber-reinforced composite posts (FRCPs). Material and methods One hundred extracted bovine teeth (Di 3) were endodontically treated and randomly assigned

Immediate placement and restoration of implants in the aesthetic zone with a trimodal approach: soft tissue alteration and its relation to gingival biotype

Cabello, G., Rioboo, M., Fábrega. J.G. Purpose The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the soft tissue changes around implants in the aesthetic zone, placed under a trimodal approach (immediate post-extraction placement, flapless, and immediate provisional restoration) and its relationship to gingival/periodontal biotype of the

A simple technique for replacing extracted anterior teeth using a vacuum formed retainer

Précis This article outlines the technique for providing an aesthetic replacement for anterior teeth immediately following extraction using a vacuum formed retainer filled with tooth coloured acrylic resin. Journal of the Irish Dental Association 2013; 59 (5): 258-260. This technique was presented as a table demonstration at

Whiter than white

Following the introduction of legislation last year, the Dental Council provided the following Guidance to the Dental Profession on tooth whitening.

Are you ready for the sheriff?

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee of the Association has been busy developing easy-to-use advice for general dentists. Its Chairman, Dr Eamon Croke, explains why to PAUL O’GRADY.

DeCare to expand business

DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland, the country’s only dedicated dental insurer, has announced plans to expand its business significantly over the next two years. DeCare entered the market in Ireland ten years ago, offering the country’s first dental insurance products through Vhi DeCare and subsequently Dentalcover.ie, an exclusive

Help is at hand from IDU member services

The IDA recently launched a number of exclusive helpline services for members, which deal with a range of issues, including business assistance, tax audit, legal advice, and health and counselling. The helplines can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year, and are available free of charge to

Retirement seminar

Over 50 retired or retiring dentists attended a very successful day long retirement seminar in September in Dublin. The seminar focused on issues relevant to dentists who are near retiring age or who indeed have already retired, and how it will affect their lives. The event was