Peer reviewed Archive

The path of least resistance in oral surgery

Antibiotic resistance is an imminent threat to worldwide public health.

Prospective audit of postoperative instructions to patients undergoing root canal treatment in the DDUH and re-audit following introduction of a written patient information sheet

An audit of the delivery and documentation of postoperative instructions to patients undergoing root canal treatment in the DDUH demonstrated unfavourable results compared to the ideal benchmark.

Results of a survey of current work practices and future aspirations of members of the Irish Dental Hygienists Association, relative to their scope of practice

Dental hygienists are not given the opportunity to use all of their skills, are enthusiastic about the future, and most would like to continue working in a team setting.

The application of indirect composite onlays in the restoration of severely broken down posterior teeth

Increasing interest has developed among dentists regarding alternatives to traditional full-coverage crowns for the restoration of extensively broken-down teeth that are both aesthetic and less destructive of remaining tooth structure.

Medical emergencies in the dental surgery. Part 1: preparation of the office and basic management

Preparation for, and basic management of, medical emergencies occurring in the dental surgery are discussed. Prompt recognition and management can result in a successful outcome.

Fundamentals of occlusion and restorative dentistry. Part II: occlusal contacts, interferences and occlusal considerations in implant patients

This second part of the two-part article discusses different types of occlusal contacts and their interferences.

Case report: drug-induced gingival overgrowth associated with the use of a calcium channel blocker (amlodipine)

A case of gingival overgrowth induced by: (i) poor plaque control; and, (ii) a calcium channel blocker (amlodipine), and its conservative and surgical management.

Fundamentals of occlusion and restorative dentistry. Part I: basic principles

This article presents the basic principles of dental occlusion and an overview of this subject area, which is important for dental professionals.

Does access to general dental treatment affect the number and complexity of patients presenting to the acute hospital service with severe dentofacial infections?

This is a retrospective study to review the treatment and management of patients presenting with odontogenic infections in a large urban teaching hospital over a four-year period, comparing the number and complexity of odontogenic infections presenting to an acute general hospital in two periods.

Mandibular implant-supported overdentures: attachment systems, and number and locations of implants – Part II

Selection of an attachment system that is suitable for a specific clinical situation is sometimes difficult.