DrRajRattan and DrJohnTiernan

Dr Raj Rattan has been appointed as the new Dental Director of Dental Protection to succeed Dr Kevin Lewis who is stepping down, while Irish dentist Dr John Tiernan, Executive Director of Member Engagement at MPS, will also retire shortly.
Dr Rattan said: “Having been in practice for over 30 years, I understand our members’ fears, aspirations and the issues they are facing. We are here to support and educate members, and protect them from risk throughout their career. I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in helping to shape a better future for our dental members and for the profession. I believe that by helping dentists in their professional careers, we are also creating a happier and safer environment for patients”.
Dr John Tiernan, Executive Director of Member Engagement at MPS, will retire in July 2016, after 23 years supporting doctors and dentists in dentolegal and medicolegal issues. Prior to working at MPS John qualified in dentistry at Trinity College Dublin, and spent 15 years in full-time practice. He joined MPS in 1993 and his career has spanned numerous roles. As Executive Director of Member Engagement for the MPS group, he has been pivotal in changing MPS’s education programme and helping over 10,000 members improve their interactions with patients. John currently leads MPS’s educational services, communications and commercial departments, with a team of over 130 staff, overseeing the delivery of support and education services for more than 300,000 members around the world.
Dr Tiernan said: “It has been a great pleasure to have spent a significant part of my career supporting colleagues in Ireland, which is particularly special as I was born and educated there. In retirement I will continue to push for change to the Irish healthcare system to make it fairer for both healthcare professionals and patients alike”. Simon Kayll, Chief Executive at MPS said: “John is well known amongst our members for his passion for education and commitment to supporting medical and dental members around the world. Perhaps what members are less aware of is the respect he commands among his colleagues and his drive for continuous improvement in the service we provide to our members. For more than 20 years John has been a respected leader, colleague, friend and mentor to many at MPS and he will be missed by us all”.