Despite intense competition for advertising, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association remains the dominant publication for dentists in Ireland.


A survey of members of the Irish Dental Association has proved the dominance of the Journal of the Irish Dental Association in the Irish market for dental publications. A representative sample (175 dentists) answered several questions about dental publications and readership.

The sample was demographically representative in all ways: geography, gender, age, etc.

Completely dominant in Ireland

A total of 64% chose the Journal as their preferred dental publication: of the other publications the next closest was Dental Update, which is the preference of 9%, while 7.5% prefer the British Dental Journal. A similar number (7.5%) chose Irish Dentistry while 1.5% chose Ireland’s Dental. When excluding Dental Update and the BDJ, the Journal is the choice of approximately 85% of Irish dentists. This tallies with previous surveys, most notably that carried out for Omega Financial Management in November 2011. Therefore, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association is the overwhelming favourite of Irish dentists.

Getting the publications?

Every respondent to the survey (100%) was in receipt of every edition of the Journal. Only 63.8% reported receiving Irish Dentistry, while a mere 31.9% reported receiving Ireland’s Dental.

Getting the message

The dominance of the Journal was confirmed by the question: which title do you prefer specifically for peer-reviewed articles; news; interviews/features; practice management; editorials; CPD; HR advice; social news/events; obituaries; and, classifieds? The Journal was the first preference of the majority of readers for every category.

Interestingly, the majority of dentists not only chose the Journal as the best place for peer-reviewed articles of relevance to them, but more than 50% also said that they would like to see more peer-reviewed content in the Journal. A whopping 90% said that they would use the Journal to gain verifiable CPD points for answering questions based on articles in the Journal of the Irish Dental Association – if that were made available.

Online vs print

The majority of readers prefer to read the Journal in printed format but other findings suggest that some readers would prefer to receive soft copies. We are also aware that meeting CPD demands will also require greater online access to the Journal and demand further innovations, which the Association is committed to deliver to help IDA members exclusively.

Message to marketing managers

Cheaper doesn’t always mean good value. And promotions are not always what they seem. Awards presented to those who nominate themselves and pay for consideration hardly carry the same credibility as our own award of Ireland’s Most Sensitive Dentist, which is awarded by peers on the basis of nominations received from patients themselves.

Spending valuable marketing funds on advertising in the other titles only makes sense if you reach the numbers of dentists that our Journal offers – and just to add the icing on this particular cake, 85% of respondents said that they actively support advertisers in the Journal.

The message from this survey is clear: the only meaningful publication for Irish dentists is the Journal of the Irish Dental Association. To those who already support the Journal commercially and editorially, we are very grateful. To those who are yet to advertise with us, we hope the above will close the argument.