Voco has announced that two of its products in the world of restorative dentistry, Ionolux and IonoSelect, are both now available in Voco application capsules. The company says Ionolux, a light-curing glass ionomer restorative material, combines the advantages of glass ionomer materials with those of composites. IonoSelect is a universal glass ionomer material and, according to Voco, is the first product in the world suitable for use in the four main GIC indications: luting; restorations; core build-up; and, cavity lining.
Voco says that the application of Ionolux is quick and can be modelled without the hassle of it sticking to the instrument. It contends that the product adapts nicely to cavity walls and makes conditioning of dental hard tissue unnecessary. Ionoselect features high compressive strength, good adhesion, high levels of biocompatibility and fluoride release. Possible uses include luting of metal-based crowns, bridges, inlays and outlays.