AndrewBolasIDA President ANDREW BOLAS has been busy representing the Association at home and abroad.

ADA Conference
Fintan and I had the pleasure of being invited to represent the Association at the American Dental Association (ADA) Conference in San Francisco on October 18. The event was spectacular, with up to 36,000 attendees on any given day. The ADA made us feel most welcome, and we had the opportunity to network with many of their staff and speakers. I am happy to report that despite its size and quality, it lacks the social aspects that we have at our conference.

Irish Dental Hygienists Association Conference
I was also a guest at the IDHA’s conference in Limerick in November, an event that marked the Association’s 25th anniversary. I was fortunate to be asked to speak on their programme after Sue Boynton was snowbound in New York. Congratulations to the IDHA on organising a very successful conference.

Faculty of Dentistry Annual Dinner
I also attended the annual dinner of the Faculty of Dentistry in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in October. An enjoyable evening, with the usual ‘battle of the bling’ comparing chains of office.

Practice Management Day – January 26, 2013
The IDA will hold its third Practice Management Day on January 26 in Croke Park. What started as a kneejerk reaction to severe cuts in the Budget in December 2009 has now turned into a proactive day for dentists as business owners. I would encourage all dentists in private practice to attend what has proven to be an excellent event year upon year.

CPD Roadshows
The first round of the CPD Roadshows has concluded, and they will start up again on February 9 in Galway. The format of the day is an ideal way for dentists to gather their CPD points. Attendances have been good and the quality of the speakers has been excellent. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these events on your doorstep.

Changes in the HSE
The HSE and the Public Dental Service are undergoing huge changes at the moment. The HSE Dental Surgeons Committee is now entering the second phase of consultations regarding the structures of the service. I hope the policy makers are taking the opportunity to ensure the changes deliver for our patients.

News watch
I see in the papers that man’s best friend might not necessarily help their perio! Researchers have found that certain bugs in a dog’s saliva may contribute towards periodontal disease – I must remember not to let the dog lick the kids’ faces! Also, Chris De Burgh has revealed that cutting his tube of toothpaste in half allows him to get more money’s worth out of the tube: this from a man worth how many millions…

Happy Christmas!
Finally, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Dr Andrew Bolas
Irish Dental Association