Is fracture resistance of endodontically treated mandibular molars restored with indirect onlay composite restorations influenced by fibre post insertion?

Scotti, N., Borga, F.A.C., Alovisi, M., Rota, R., Pasqualini, D., Berutti, E. Objectives The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of post placement on fracture resistance of endodontically treated mandibular molars restored with adhesive overlay restorations. Methods Endodontically treated human molars with two- and

The combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole improves clinical and microbiologic results of one-stage, full-mouth, ultrasonic debridement in aggressive periodontitis treatment

Renato, C.V., Casarin, É.D.P.R., Sallum, E.A., Nociti Jr., F.H., Gonçalves, R.B., Casati, M.Z. Background: The aim of the present study is to assess clinical, microbiologic and immunologic benefits of amoxicillin/metronidazole (AM) when performing full-mouth ultrasonic debridement (FMUD) in generalised aggressive periodontitis (GAgP) treatment. Methods: Twenty-four GAgP patients

Sleeping vs. loaded implants: long-term observations via a retrospective analysis

Marcelis, K., Vercruyssen, M., Nicu, E., Naert, I., Quirynen, M. Objective Several theories have been presented to explain initial and secondary marginal bone loss around dental implants (e.g., microbial load, adverse loading, microbial leakage, and compromised healing/adaptation of host–implant interface). Material and methods This study compared the

Free examinations on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012

Over 700 dental surgeries all over the country, along with the Cork and Dublin dental hospitals, offered free mouth examinations on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day, September 19, 2012. Also, in a new development this year, two dentists carried out examinations at a hostel for homeless people in

Dental students reach out to Nepal

SIMON SWEETNAM describes his experience as one of a group of students who travelled to Nepal to run a dental outreach clinic. Along with 11 other UCC undergraduate dental students, I recently took part in an outreach project in Nepal. The outreach programme was run by a

Sharps injuries – what to do

NeedleA set of guidelines on how to deal with needlestick injuries is included in a new report on the emergency management of injuries prepared for the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre. Dentists were represented on the Committee by DR TOM FEENEY who now

Oral disease and public policy in Europe

A new report on oral health in Europe highlights critical issues for dental professionals. This edition of the Journal outlines the key recommendations arising from a report entitled ‘The State of Oral Health in Europe’. I believe this report to be very significant and hence I am

Critical information on best practice

The Association’s Quality and Patient Safety Committee has developed advice for members in several key areas of dental practice. The Journal reports on its work.

Tooth whitening – new legislation from October 2012

The Dental Council and the Irish Medicines Board recently circulated a notice to all dentists on hydrogen peroxide in tooth-whitening products. Here are some of the key changes dentists should take note of: • the new legislation will be in force from October 2012; • consumers may