IDU and IDA Covers 2016

The Annual Reports for 2015 for both the Association and the Union have been sent to members via email. They include the motions to be discussed at the Annual General Meetings on April 21 next.
The Union Annual Report includes reference to €500m of income lost by dentists since 2010, and the fact that 80% of members favour renegotiation of the Dental Treatment Services Scheme contract. In relation to the Dental Treatment Benefits Scheme, 82% of members surveyed would not favour a return of scale and polish at the fee that previously applied.
The Association’s Annual Report includes reports from all the officers, branches and committees, and notes that 10,000 children (under 15) are hospitalised for extractions under general anaesthetic each year. It also records the need for a new foundation training scheme, and the need to prioritise dental care for under sixes.