JIDA_OctNov2013_JIDAOver 50 retired or retiring dentists attended a very successful day long retirement seminar in September in Dublin. The seminar focused on issues relevant to dentists who are near retiring age or who indeed have already retired, and how it will affect their lives.

The event was chaired very successfully by Dr Andrew Bolas, Vice President, and contributions were made by Pauline Murray, Retirement Council of Ireland, who spoke about the four main changes in a person’s life when they retire: health, money, relationships and time; and, Dr Ide DeLargy, a medical GP, who spoke about keeping mentally and physically well in retirement.

Presentations were given by Fiona Murphy and Breda O’Malley from Hayes Solicitors who spoke on legal matters relevant to moving into retirement and there was particular interest in employment issues for staff. John O’Connor, Omega Financial Management, presented on income levels and gave a very interesting insight into pensions and stock markets. David McCaffery, MedAccount, gave some very practical advice on selling a dental practice and worthwhile suggestions on getting the most from your dental assets.

Lifetime member of IDA, Dr David Ryan, gave a very entertaining and insightful account of his life two years after retiring and how he has coped with making many changes in his life.

Sue Boynton concluded the day’s presentations with a lecture on dentists’ medical legal responsibilities on retiring.

It was great to see so many members of the IDA in attendance and also those who are preparing well in advance of retiring for what’s ahead.

Feedback on all presentations was very positive and it certainly is a seminar the Association will present again. The Association is grateful to all contributors to the programme and to those who attended.