NSK has announced substantial savings on its range of oral hygiene solutions. Staff will be on hand to answer questions about these and anything else related to the company at their stand at the IDA Annual Scientific Conference in Galway in April.
The savings can be availed of when NSK’s Varios 970 ultrasonic unit, Prophy-Mate neo and Perio-Mate are purchased together. NSK says that the Prophy-Mate neo is a proven and easy-to-use air-driven tooth polishing system. According to the company, the NSK Varios 970 benefits from the high-powered NSK iPiezo engine and provides a more effective and comfortable treatment. They state that the Perio-mate is ideal for cleaning delicate periodontal pockets and around implants.
Anne Marie Taylor, hygienist at Saracen Street Dental in Glasgow, Scotland, said: “Although we only charge a relatively small additional amount per treatment, the units have quickly paid for themselves, as patients love the results”.