Mente, J., Hage, N., Pfefferle, T., Koch, M.J., Geletneky, B., Dreyhaupt, J., et al.

The use of biocompatible materials like mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) may improve the prognosis of teeth with root perforations.

The treatment outcome of root perforations repaired between 2000 and 2006 with MTA was investigated. Twenty-six patients received treatment with MTA in 26 teeth with root perforations. Treatment was performed by supervised undergraduate students (29%), general dentists (52%), or dentists who had focused on endodontics (19%). Perforation repair by all treatment providers was performed using a dental operating microscope. Calibrated examiners assessed clinical and radiographic outcome 12 to 65 months after treatment (median 33 months, 81% recall rate). Pre-, intra-, and postoperative information relating to potential prognostic factors was evaluated.

Of 21 teeth examined, 18 (86%) were classified as healed. None of the analysed potential prognostic factors had a significant effect on the outcome.

MTA appears to provide a biocompatible and long-term effective seal for root perforations in all parts of the root.

Journal of Endodontics 2010; 36 (2): 208-213.