JIDA is out in front

The results from the latest JIDA Readership Survey show that the Journal of the Irish Dental Association is categorically the preferred dental publication in Ireland.

While other publications may claim to reach a lot of dentists, the survey shows that this is not the case. All dentists surveyed said they receive the Journal of the Irish Dental Association (JIDA), while just 55% said they get Irish Dentistry, 31% get Dental Update, and 16% get Ireland’s Dental. The survey covered a broad range of age groups and had an almost 50:50 gender split.
A total of 98% of dentists read the JIDA. None of the other publications are read by even 40% of the dentists surveyed. Overall, 81% of dentists said the JIDA was their preferred dental publication. One dentist said that the Journal is continually improving, while another commented: “I really enjoy the Journal. I feel by reading it I can get a good handle on what is going on in the profession. So many of us are working in small practices on our own or with few colleagues, so it can be difficult to keep up with what’s going on and the Journal helps”.
There was a clear preference for a printed journal, with 84% saying they favour getting a hard copy. If they were given a choice between getting a printed copy or an electronic, 86% said they would choose print.

Supporting advertisers

Over half of the respondents said they had supported the advertisers in the Journal by purchasing something from them in the past two years. Being the official journal of the IDA makes the JIDA stand out, as one dentist said: “It has a certain amount of credibility to it and it’s the journal of the Association, so if there is something related to the IDA, I expect the JIDA to have first-hand reporting of it – the other magazines are simply reporting on what the IDA says or does, not reporting from the IDA”.
The JIDA is also the clear leader for different types of articles. For clinical/scientific articles, 65% of dentists prefer it to the other publications. For features and interviews, 82% prefer it. For practice management articles, business/trade updates, and news, 77%, 75% and 88% prefer the JIDA, respectively.
The content of JIDA keeps dentists reading to the final page in most cases, with over 60% of dentists either always or usually reading nearly all sections of the Journal. Clinical features and scientific material prove very popular, as one dentist commented: “We are scientists – keep emphasising peer review and facts over hysteria. In a world of media, the JIDA brings facts”.

98% of dentists read the JIDA. None of the other publications are read by even 40% of the dentists surveyed.

Another said: “I find it useful for clinical tips. I’m a GDP so I want practical advice that I can use in surgery”.
The quality of the JIDA is shown in this survey, with many dentists commenting on the layout and how engaging it is. One called it a first-class publication: “It’s so well put together and keeps me reading all the way to the end”.