Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2022

The first Mouth Cancer Awareness Day took place in 2009 – so this year will be the 13th year of the campaign.
The Mouth Cancer Awareness Group is made up of representatives from the Cork and Dublin Dental Hospitals, the Irish Cancer Society, the Dental Health Foundation, the International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP), and mouth cancer survivors. The group is a voluntary, unfunded, community-focused partnership of dental and healthcare professionals, mouth head and neck cancer survivors, and advocacy professionals.
After numerous successful awareness campaigns, the group has now decided to disband. The IDA has agreed to take up the baton and continue with building awareness of mouth cancer with members of the dental profession and the public through media and online campaigns. The website will continue to grow and we urge you to visit it and encourage your patients to visit it on The IDA is committed to continuing with the patient stories on how mouth cancer has affected them and in encouraging the public to get checked if they are in doubt.
This year, Mouth Cancer Awareness Day will take place on Wednesday, September 21.