New developments at Align

Align Technology has released iTero Workflow 2.0 software and previewed its new iTero Element 5D imaging system auto-upload functionality. According to the company, the newly released iTero Workflow 2.0 software features include faster scanning, improved visualisation, and enhanced patient communication tools that help increase practice efficiency, support better clinical diagnosis, and drive patient engagement for treatment acceptance.

Also available soon is the iTero Element 5D imaging system, which Align Technology states is a new auto-upload feature that will streamline Invisalign case submissions by enabling intraoral colour scan images to be used in place of traditional intraoral photos.

Yuval Shaked, Align SVP and MD of the iTero systems and services business, said: “Our new iTero Workflow 2.0 software features were developed to simplify and streamline a doctor’s daily routine and increase practice efficiency”.

Align Technology has also signed an agreement with Ultradent, which the company states is a leader in tooth whitening, to offer Invisalign-trained doctors an exclusive professional whitening system with the Opalescence PF whitening formula. The system will carry the name of ‘Invisalign Professional Whitening System – powered by Opalescence’ and according to Align, will offer great whitening outcomes and streamlined practice experience.