Review of dental fees

Dental Fees

The Association has conducted a review of fees charged privately by dental practices for a range of treatments. The survey of fees was carried out in June 2021 and is based on a review of the fees published on the websites of a representative sample of approximately 100 dental practices, covering all counties within the Republic of Ireland, both urban and rural, and of a range of sizes.
The information we have collected is freely available public information and we have collated it for the convenience of members. Members are advised that these figures should not be regarded as recommended fee levels or constitute guidance in the setting of fees. The setting of fees is a matter for individual dentists to decide having regard to the circumstances and operating costs pertaining to their practice. Following our review of fees charged for common dental treatments, the averages are shown in Table 1.
The IDA completed the same fee review exercise in December 2015. When comparing the average fees charged privately in June 2021 with the average fees charged in December 2015, we can see that fees have increased by between 11% and 35% for the various treatments, depending on treatment type.

Table 1: Average prices for dental treatments in private practice.
Treatment Average fee
Examination €45.35
Restoration amalgam €99.02
Restoration composite €122.70
Exodontics under local anaesthetic €104.40
Surgical extraction €166.00
Root canal molar €584.16
Scale and polish €69.06
Denture repair €85.79
Prosthetics acrylic €637.40
Prosthetics metal chrome €1057.28

*Please note that where sites have published ranges for certain treatments, we have chosen the midpoint of the range.