Results of data gathered at a smoking cessation counselling stand in the Dublin Dental University Hospital on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012


The smoking habits of visitors to the Dublin Dental University Hospital on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012 as researched by dental hygiene students.


Introduction: The addictive aspect of smoking is well acknowledged.Research has shown that interventions by healthcare professionals have been shown to be effective and that smokers will benefit from smoking cessation counselling before, during and after their quit attempts. Dental hygienists, as part of the healthcare team, are well positioned to provide this counselling.

Material and methods: A questionnaire was completed by patients, staff, students and members of the public, during Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012 in the Dublin Dental University Hospital to assess the prevalence of smoking as well as the history of smoking and quit attempts by current and former smokers.

Results: The prevalence of smoking was lower than the national average. A total of 18.3% of those surveyed were smokers, 25% were former smokers, and 68% of the smokers had their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking, indicating high dependence.

Discussion and conclusions: The majority of the smokers (79%) had attempted to quit. Stress was the most common reason for lapsing. The most common reasons for smoking cessation were health issues. The public is well disposed to receive information regarding smoking and the methods available to quit by healthcare professionals on health awareness days such as Mouth Cancer Awareness Day.

Journal of the Irish Dental Association 2013/2014; 59 (6): 308-310

catherine waldron

Catherine Waldron
RDH MSc MA (Health Promotion)

C. Brett, O. Cronin, A. Guray, A. Hynes, C. McGovern, M. Ryan
(student dental hygienists), Dublin Dental University Hospital

Corresponding author: Catherine Waldron
DDUH, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2