Sterilisation and materials from Coltene

Coltene states that infection control protocols should be seamless. According to the company, its SciCan STATIM B vacuum autoclave will work hard despite its compact size, with sterilised dry-wrapped loads delivered in 27 minutes.
According to Coltene, smart features in the autoclave improve automation, such as: an enhanced documentation mode; programmable features to pre-warm the chamber and run test cycles; automatic user software updates for connected equipment; and, maintenance reminders, tutorials and tips.
The company also states the benefits of its Brilliant Componeer system. Coltene calls it a direct composite veneering system for the possibility of highly aesthetic anterior restorations in a single appointment. According to the company, the system comprises prefabricated shells, which use the same sub-micron filler technology as Coltene’s Brilliant EverGlow universal composite. Coltene states that this means you get exceptional polishability, long-lasting gloss retention, and high mechanical strength.