VivaScan makes a digital impression

Looking for an easy way to make first digital impressions? Ivoclar states that its VivaScan device is a good tool for the job. According to the company, the all-new VivaScan is a compact and intuitive intraoral scanning solution for dentists who wish to enter the world of digital dentistry. Due to its standalone design, Ivoclar believes the device can be easily and effortlessly integrated into a daily practice routine, deliver compelling scanning results and a more efficient workflow.
VivaScan’s makers state that it is a compact, powerful intraoral scanner for the dental practice, offering a flexible scanning experience. Because of its lightweight design (only 230g), VivaScan flexibly fits into the routine workflows of dentists, according to the company. VivaScan can be used as a mobile, portable system. It has been designed by Ivoclar to only require a single cable to connect to a laptop. Additional cables that could get in the way during the scanning process are thus not required.